If you registered with us on or before 25/06/2021, your information has been removed from our database and we no longer have access to it, unless you were previously placed into a role by us. Due to the unprecedented number of candidates seeking employment, we have since updated our systems to ensure that only active and suitable candidates are retained on file. We have removed the candidate registration to prevent mass applications from unsuitable candidates and instead offer direct apply option. Applicants from outside of the GCC will no longer automatically be added to our database and will instead be vetted based upon their suitability. Criteria will include past experience in the UAE, GCC or MENA regions, total number of years experience and industry suitability. “What does this mean for me?” If you are a Laborer or Blue Collar Worker (we only work in executive fields to suit our client needs)  / Fresh Graduate / Have no experience working in the GCC/MENA, your profile will probably be highlighted for removal. Our clients employ us to headhunt and source talent which perfectly match their requirements. This usually means that having local work experience in the region in which the job is based is a necessity. In the event that this is not a prerequisite, it will be noted on the job posting on our JOB BOARD, where individual applications are possible. To get quick answers to the most common questions that we receive, please read the FAQs page or visit the FOR CANDIDATES page for further information regarding tips, tricks and general advice for job seekers.