Technical Support Manager, must be licensed Structural Engineer, 15 years Technical experience  REF 222

Responsibilities include managing the technical support team and providing support in Pre-sales via pre-qualifications, technical inquiries, structural calculations and communicating directly with customers, as needed. Responsible for standardizing technical submittals and compliance statements, and providing technical reviews and documents for projects and new models produced locally.

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Region: GCC
Reports To: Operations Head
Direct Reports: Technical Support Engineering

Person Specification:
Education /Experience:
• Engineering Degree
• Licensed structural engineer
• Strong computing and numeric skills
• Proficient in spoken and written English
• 15+ years of experience in a technical role
• 10+ years of management experience
• Experience working with customers and operations

Industry Construction & Engineering
Location United Arab Emirates
Minimum Experience 15 Years
Minimum Education Requirement Licensed Structural Engineer/Engineering Degree, 15+ years in Technical Role, 10+ years of Management experience

Job Description

  Personal Attributes:
  • Ability to manage schedules and deadlines
  • Strong communication skills
  • Thoroughness and attention to detail
  • Comprehensive and planned task-follow up
  • Proven ability to work effectively with people
  • Ability to learn quickly within the job
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Flexibility to deal with ever-changing tasks
  • Ability to work within a team environment
  • Good listener
  • Ability to relay information to others in a pleasant and peaceful manner
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Respectful at all times, even under high-pressure and frustrating situations
  • Proactive

Principal Accountabilities:
  • Manage technical support team including schedules, deadlines and workloads

Pre-Sales Related:
  • Preparing compliance statements and pre-qualifications
  • Answering technical inquiries
  • Liaison with Head office in US and other global locations
    • To goal is to ensure global consistency and best practices
  • Proposing models if beyond the scope of Sales expertise
  • Communication with customer directly if needed via emails, phone or meetings
  • Providing technical documents related to products
  • Good communication with Sales department to keep them informed
  • Meeting with stakeholders to support Sales in products specifications
  • Drives cross-functional team development of New Product Development (NPD) initiatives with a goal of production readiness and commercialization.
  • Constructs, tests and fabricates physical prototypes of potential new designs. Produces high quality prototype reports that address this prototype’s material usage, building process, test results, cost information, and sustainability evaluations.
  • Engineers and draws custom solutions
    • Consults outside engineers as required
  • Heavily involved in Design/Assist process
    • Engages with customers directly as needed
Collaborates with outside vendors of materials and/or processes as required
  • Develops, adapts, analyzes, and ensures accuracy of drawings, calculations and specifications
  • Provides product coaching and guidance to estimators, product specialists, project managers, drafting and manufacturing to solve difficult problems and technical issues
  • 3D drawing generation

Post Sales Related:
  • Review, analyze and mark up drafting generated submittal drawings before issuance.
  • Develop structural calculations and/or review of structural calculations.
  • Master and use structural calculation programs. 
  • Coordinate with Estimation/Procurement/Production when new models are created or made locally.
  • Providing technical reviews of new models including new extrusion die approvals
  • Coordinating with  head office in US for approval of alternative materials
  • Coordinating with head office in US for approval of new local dies
  • Provide technical documents for new models
  • Proficient with structural design analysis programs; RISA-3D, SAP2000, STAAD…etc.
  • High experience working with latest AutoCAD and Microsoft Office packages.
  • Coordinate products shop drawings, manufacturing, installation, support, and documentation to ensure compliance with specifications, codes, and design requirements.
  • Generates AutoCAD details based on conceptual sketches or needs to develop custom design to meet the needs of the customers.
  • Occasionally taking on other tasks, as needed and requested by the Company
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Working knowledge of Finite Element Analysis and related software
  • Proficient in Excel, Word and PowerPoint AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor or Solidworks
  • Knowledge of installation, machining and welding techniques.