Mobile Game Designer (system design, game play, content and rules - VR/AR Blockchain experience pref  REF 198

On behalf of our client who is a Mobile Game Developer, we are recruiting a Mobile Game Designer, experienced in system design, game play, game play, content and rules.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Mainly responsible for the numerical and system design of mobile game, setting the game play,
content and rules, and having the overall ability to control the rhythm of games

2. Follow up the implementation of version, iteratively optimized the overall quality and
performance of the game based on product features and test data;

3. Cooperate with programmers to complete the corresponding development content, promote
the implementation of the project, and separate the phase goals of the overall game design.

Industry Design & Creative, Information Technology & Telecom, Events & Entertainment
Location United Arab Emirates
Minimum Experience 3 Years
Minimum Education Requirement Bachelor degree or above, successful online game experience is preferred

Job Description

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, successful online game experience is preferred

2. Love games, have game product thinking, strong logical ability, excellent creativity and imagination

3. Keen insight and quick learning ability, good at market analysis and studying competitive games

4. Excellent mathematical thinking, data analysis and logic ability

5. Have user-oriented awareness and can design related gameplay based on growth ecology

6. Have excellent self-drive, communication skills, able to work under pressure, and good sense of cooperation
7. VR/AR/Blockchain products experience is preferred