Back-end Engineer (5 years + GoLang/C/++ programming experience)  REF 197

On behalf of our client who is a mobile game developer, we are recruiting a Back-end Engineer.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Server-side architecture design and network protocol implementation
2. Realization of core framework and game logic on the server side
3. Server load optimization and network security scheme design.
4. Analyze the technical feasibility of the game design, independently design and develop
corresponding game modules according to the game design documents
5. Server-side system design, coding, testing and development document preparation for game
logic modules
6. Ensure stable and efficient operation of game server
7. Develop and maintain server-side framework, game logic modules, surrounding support tools
with GoLang/C++

Industry Events & Entertainment, Information Technology & Telecom
Location United Arab Emirates
Minimum Experience 5 Years
Minimum Education Requirement Bachelor's Degree or above in computer sciene or related major

Job Description

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related major

2. Proficient in GoLang/C/C++ programming language, with more than 5 years of GoLang/C/C++ programming experience

3. Familiar with Linux;
Rich experience in Linux programming and debugging:
Shell scripting development;
Familiar with Mysql development

4. Familiar with network related programming and protocol implementation

5. Good team cooperation spirit and learning ability

​​​​​​​6. Good communication and problem solving ability